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2 minutes to understand what Blockchain is 

- 01/09/22 -

Blockchain was introduced as the underlying technology that powered Bitcoin -the first cryptocurrency in January 2009. But today, because Blockchain has many interesting properties, it can be used for many other applications than cryptocurrency. TEO-the energy origin explains in 2 minutes what is Blockchain.  


2 minutes to understand what smart contracts are

- 04/10/22 -

One of the biggest problems of modern business is trust. To solve this problem, we often depend on third-party intermediaries but that also demands a certain level of trust. This is where blockchain becomes handy. To fully grasp the concept blockchain technology, it is important to understand what smart contracts are and their role. 


2 minutes to understand what tokens are

- 26/11/22 -

Tokens and especially NFTs are some of the hot topics of the digital world. Using tokens has been one significant factor for the success of Blockchain technology. TEO-the energy origin explains in 2 minutes what exactly is a token, what kinds of tokens are there, how do they work and what can they be used for. 





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2 minutes to understand the energy intensity of Blockchain

-15/12/2022 -

When talking about Blockchain, the preconception is often that this technology raises a strong issue related to its energy consumption. Considering the current context regarding climate change, it is relevant to ask this question. However, it is often unknown that Blockchain uses different consensus algorithms to validate information within blocks and how much their impact can differ. Let’s bring more clarity to the topic.


2 minutes to understand the different types of traceability models 

- 26/12/22 -

It is often difficult for companies to track each and every step in the journey of a given product. In order to create more transparency alongside the supply chain, it is important to understand the concept behind and the different existing models. TEO explains in 2 minutes what you need to know about traceability.


2 minutes to understand what renewable energy attributes certificates are

- 05/01/23 - 

TEO-the energy origin allows you to quickly understand the basic principles of renewable energy attributes certificates, or also called power guarantees of origin (GoOs) in Europe, as well as the traceability methodology on which this mechanism is built.


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