About Us

Our vision ​

Disrupting energy traceability with Blockchain! ​

Traceability is essential for a company to gain a better trust, to valorize sustainability efforts and to be able to communicate without boundaries to customers. Based on Blockchain technology, the TEO platform allows you to create an auditable trail to certify the origin and the differentiating attributes your energy production, to valorize your production and your CSR efforts along the value chain. With TEO, be green for real!​

Our Concept

TEO - The Energy Origin - was launched in 2018, offering a blockchain-based solution to trace back the origin of energy.

More concretely, TEO transforms the volumes of energy produced into fungible digital certificates enriched by the physical and environmental attributes of this production (origin, CO2 impact, etc.). These certificates can be transferred along the value chain securely and without double counting thanks to the Blockchain. 

  • Producers can valorize their production and their CSR efforts
  • End consumers can claim these specific attributes and support producers with the most virtuous environmental behaviors.
About us 

In 2021, TEO was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. ​This label is a guarantee of being part of the companies with a positive impact that combine environmental protection and financial viability. It highlights and accelerates the​ introduction of new technologies and/or products on the market. ​

TEO is also member of the Climate Chain coalition, a network of Blockchain actors creating synergies to achieve ambitious climate action goals, and a contributor of the Fédération Francaise de la Blockchain, that aims to tackle strategic issues raised by Blockchain Technology.